TikiBeachShop.com Radio listeners have heard some fantastic music from Indie singer/songwriter (with a twist of country) duo Penny Rae over the last several months as the have allowed us the honor of playing their great tunes. Not it looks like the Dou is to record their first full-length record. Here's the great news - you can be a part of the process! The dou, composed of Randi Ryan and Andrew Adams, say they've had a great time and always want to thank their fans! Click HERE if video does not load.

"We've had a blast sharing music with everyone over the last year-and-a-half! Whether you've gotten our self-titled EP, the Christmas EP, or one of our covers - THANK YOU!" The dou has announced that the time has come to do a full-length project. "We're taking the best 12-14 tunes into the studio at the end of May! The songs have been written, studio time has been booked, and musicians have been lined up to record this project.

The release is scheduled to release in September. All that's left to do is fund it." Penny Rae is reaching out to the fans that have been so supportive over the last year and a half. "We are asking everyone to partner with us to make this record happen! At a minimum, please consider pre-ordering a digital download of the record for $10. We are offering plenty of incentives that we are very excited about, and we look forward to seeing a lot of you at our online CD release show or our CD release show in Tennessee. This is your chance to walk alongside and hang out with us as we make this record a reality!" There will be exclusive videos and updates from the studio through Kickstarter and some exclusive incentives that only our Kickstarter backers will be able to take advantage of! Check out the Kickstarter video which shows how to pre-order your copy and other ways you can help Penny Rae make the record happen. A quick note, make sure you watch the complete video for the bloopers! Scroll to bottom of page for tikibeachshop.com radio player to turn down the station volume. And, in case you needed another reason to fund this great project... enjoy Closure - by Penny Rae

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