Happy to be in his backyard, Jimmy Buffett gives some insider tips to handling your booze and talks about his drive-in theater concert.

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Michael Franti is legendary when it comes to his music, songs, and work with the band Spearhead. One of his songs. "I'm Alive - Life Sounds Like" is the topic of one of his youtube interviews. The musician takes time to pass along some tips for playing the song as well as some insight into why he wrote the piece. Check out Fanti in his interview as well as a few other videos to celebrate a great tune!

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If you didn't make it to the classic Jimmy Buffett Concert in Hartford back in 1999 then no worries! Margaritaville.com has announced that the concert will be replayed several times on SiriusXM's Radio!

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Brittany Kingery has found her beach. And she hopes that her music will lead others to find their beaches, both literally and metaphorically speaking. A few months after the release of her 2013 debut CD Edge of the Ocean, the McCleary, Washington-born singer started practicing what she preaches in her music. She quit her secure government job, packed up her ukelele and a dream and moved to Bucerias, a small fishing village near the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta.

Kingery is now ready now to release her second CD titled Dream in Blue, she will do so as not only a legal resident of Mexico but as a full-time musician who played over 100 dates South of the border from November through April before shutting it down to come back to the U.S. to complete the new album.

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Exit 104 Records proudly announces the release of singer-songwriter Brittany Kingery’s compact disc Dream in Blue, July 11, 2014. The beach-themed album follows the singer’s 2013 debut EP Edge of the Ocean.

Read more: Brittany Kingery to Release "Dream In Blue" CD with Exit 104 Records This July

Greg Dillard has announced the dates of his July 2014 Summer Excursion Tour as he covers the sunshine state during the month of July. Dillard, known for his blend of Trop Rock, Country, Blues, and Southern Rock music, will be hitting several locations in Florida after the tour's musical swing through Mexico.

Read more: Greg Dillard Announces his Summer Excursion 2014 Tour Dates for July

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