It's been a year or so since Heather Kirby graced TikiBeachShop.com radio as a Tiki Beach Shop Girl. Heather, a model and spokesperson living in Florida, checked in to say hi and to send us some pictures of one of her new passions - spear fishing! According to the Heather the activity is not only fun but also a way to get some great exercise.

“It's a lot different from fishing in a lake back home in North Georgia,” said Kirby. “But the exercise and conditioning is amazing!”

According to Kirby she started fishing a few years ago as a natural extension to living in Florida. It was a perfect addition to the model's regiment of exercising, fitness, and nutrition, as well as having fun on the beach.

“Don't get me wrong, I still hit the gym, ride my bike, hike, and watch my diet - but sometimes exercise can be boring. Going out and hitting the surf for some spear fishing is a great way to work in some fun at the beach with fantastic cardio.”


Kirby is right when it comes to the benefits of swimming activities. According to MyFitnessPal the average person can burn up to 270-300 calories and hour while snorkeling. This does not take into account the additional effort one puts out while spear fishing. Kirby say's it's more than just burning calories. "I think the overall excersise builds stamina, works your core, legs, butt, arms, - just about everything," Kirby said. "It's a really wonderful way to get some exercise while enjoying time with your friends and family."

Kirby suggests that if you decide to pick up spear fishing then you should start slow and learn the basics of snorkling first. It's more than just putting on a mask and diving in! Heather says some precauations need to be taken. Here are some tips from Heather for a safe and healthy fishing trip. "It's better to start off right," Heather says. "It's better than you being on the news at night due to a search or something!"

  • The Basics: Take some time to learn the basics like how to clear the mask, get the right equipment that fits, ask for advice, and watch the weather. It's just like swimming on the beach - you need to know the conditions.
  • Safety first: - know where to dive and avoid areas with bad currents and dangerous spots. Your local dive, snorkle, and spear fishing shops will have all of the details about how you can have fun and get some exersice while fishing!
  • Water: Be sure to drink plenty of water and have some on hand. Keeping hydrated is important!
  • Sun: Take care of your skin, use the proper sunblocks etc.
  • Communication: Let somebody know where you're going and when you plan on being back. Also, I don't suggest that anyone goes snorkling or spear fishing alone. The buddy system helps keep you safe!

And just in case you didn't think that Heather actually went fishing and it was all set up as a photo shoot - well check out the proof!

Be sure to look for regular pics and shout outs about good eats, fasion, and fun from Heather here on Tiki Beach Shop.com Radio and also check out her newest venture which is an upscale online boutique packed with amazing items.

  • Boutique: Heather Kirby's Boutique Fashion
  • Instagram: HeatherKirby
  • Facebook: HeatherKirbyFB
  • Business Inquires Only:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE: As with any new physical activity - please check with your doctor before starting a new fitness program.

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