(NewsUSA) - For women, finding the right swimsuit can be somewhat frustrating, and let's face it, it can even be traumatic. But with a little help, you can pick that swimsuit with ease and strut the beach with confidence.

These tips from Miraclesuit, a world leader in designer, figure-enhancing swimwear can be your guide to new peace-of-mind this summer:

One- or two-piece?
Some of the sexiest, most beautiful women seen on the beach wear one-piece suits. By not revealing it all, they leave just enough to keep things interesting. Many one-piece suits can reveal more back and less tummy, others show a bit more cleavage or thigh. Using these different types of cuts can enhance your figure more to your liking.

Small on top or big?
If you are small on top, you may want to consider tops with a touch of padding or an underwire which make the most of a petite bust line. Ruffled tops are also a hot topic right now and can fill out a shape nicely.

If you are big on top, extra support might be your biggest concern. Try looking for soft-foam suits with some structure in the bust. Avoid tiny, tri-tops and strapless bandeau tops that offer minimal coverage.

Plus size or extra tummy?
If you are self conscious about your midsection, try one of those tummy-control swimsuits -; they can work wonders. One option is Miraclesuit swimwear, which makes a woman appear to lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds. Through their patented control product Miratex, which has more than three times the amount of spandex than most swimwear, this suit contours the body to the delight of one's eyes, leaving them feeling comfortable, sexy, beautiful and confident.

Short or long body?
For a shorter body, dress up your figure by getting a suit that is cut higher on the thigh or one that has vertical stripes. These both make your legs and your torso look longer.

For a lengthy body, accessories can help tone down that stick-like figure. Bows, rings, ties and jewels are all great for you. Horizontal stripes, nappy fabrics and cut-out suits can help break up your torso.

Don't sweat the small stuff.
For those women out there with the "perfect" body, a two-piece, bikini type swimsuit is a nice change of pace. With a bikini looking good on so few people, don't be afraid to make a few heads turn.

For more information, visit www.miraclesuit.com.

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