Let's face it - somewhere, sometime, somebody decided to pick a snail off a garden wall and eat it. The same can be said for Rocky Mountain Oysters! I'm guessing a bet may have been involved. "Hey Billy! Bet ya five bucks you won't eat those testicles!" You can imagine Billy thinking it over before asking. "Can I fry them or saute them in some butter and lemon?"

In the Tiki Beach Shop.com Radio spirit we've compiled this weeks list of seafood that probably won't be everyone's favorite. In fact, pass use some fried grouper and chips or a Cajun shrimp Po Boy Sandwich because these are some dishes you won't find served up at a Tiki Beach Shop .com Radio party! Here's our list of 5 seafood dishes to make you wonder who decided to eat them in the first place! Also, legal people have advised us to say that this article is for entertainment purposes only and in no way suggests anything.

One - The Stink Head!

OK, full disclosure, we have a guy from Alaska that swears that this dish is still around with some native Alaskan folk. We just liked it because it's called "Stink Head!" How fun... and gross is that? Old salmon heads, or whole salmon, that are dead and stinky and then buried, bagged or potted so they can ferment. Mnnnnnn Good. Pass me a plate!  Ready for a history lesson. Despite your initial gag reflex this method of food preservation can be found in several places around the globe and back in the day was one way you could keep food long enough to feed your family, or community, during lean times. Image: PacSafe.

Two - Sliced Sea Slugs

Hello! This recipe has the word "Slug" in the title. That should be a give-a-way that you are about to eat a SLUG! Well, apparently this is a pretty awesome dish for some people on this fine planet. Try your next dish of Sea Slug with a tangy dipping sauce. It really sets off the dish! Oh, did we mention that many are toxic to humans! Image: The great blog by janetnewenham - Read it - Pretty cool!

Three - Seaweed - Yep, Seaweed

Yep, we know this is a well accepted food for people across the globe and it makes it's way into a whole variety of dishes besides sushi. We get it, we eat it...However, during the editorial meeting, which included beer - NASCAR - and the NFL draft on TV, we had to ask the main question that started this article. Who decided to eat seaweed for the first time? "Hey Kids! Wade out there and grab a bunch of that green $#&$ floating around for dinner!" Image: WIKI

Four - Fish Eyes

Really, Fish eyes? Yep - these little eyes, or HUGE depending on the fish, are buds of tasty goodness which can be eaten to your hearts delight. Pictured are Tuna eyes. Think of it as the wishbone of that huge fish on the table complete with tail, head, and eyes. "I Call Dibs On The FISH EYES!" Images: UnionVGF

Five - Fish Sauce

Ready to find out what fish sauce really is? Sure, you've probably heard of, or used fish sauce, and never really wondered what it was. Just to be clear, this description applies to traditional "Thai Fish Sauce" which may, or may not, be what many culinary foodies have in their pantry. Fish Sauce - traditionally -  is made from a bucket of tiny fish that die in the bucket and then are mixed with some secret ingredients - depends on the manufacture or country or region or family... Then, that bucket ferments in the sun for ohhh... about nine months. Every once in a while the lid is opened to let the aroma out. - Image: Socialphy

Get Ready fellow TikiBeachShop.com Radio fans - This is going to be a semi-regular feature. Feel free to comment on your not so favorite, or favorite but icky, seafood dishes!

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