Roger Bartlett, legendary guitar player and longtime member of Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band, has released his new album titled "Manhattan."

Bartlett does not disappoint. If you've had the pleasure to listen to any of his music you already know that Mr. Bartlett manages to combine his love for blues guitar, jazz guitar, rock and the occasional fun loving references geared towards Parrot Heads in a few of his songs.

He does this and much more in Manhattan. In fact, Manhattan sets Bartlett apart from many guitar players including those plying their trade in the trop rock world. Bartlett shows his wide range of capability in a nice selection of tracks that show his skills as a guitar player, composer, song writer and performer.

The album starts with a gesture to Blues guitar player fans with a very purest rendition of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Empty Arms. The riffs are crisp and clear - clean backed by a solid band and Roger's vocals. In short, get ready to play a little "Air guitar" while listening to this album!

All of the other songs on the LP are the same way. The energy is high, the tracks are well balanced in the form of high tempo, medium tempo and smile tempo. On many songs (Bad Mood for instance) you can see how Bartlett fit well into the world of music fans with sand covered toes. His lyrics, mixed with rythmic lyric talking, on the song Bad Mood make for a fun song!

Take a few minutes to check out Rogers Site HERE.

Oh, by the way... Smile temp means that you'll tap your foot and smile when you listen to some of Roger's lyrics.


1. Empty Arms
2. Party Time
3. Am I Wrong
4. It Just Don't Work That Way
5. Lowdown Dirty Dog         
6. Chucky Cheeks         
7. Right Place Wrong Time         
8. Pocket Full of Yesterday         
9. Stampede         
10. Bad Mood

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