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Get Ready for a New Summer Favorite!

Country musician Ben Bradford has released his new single titled "Tequila Makes the World go Round" which offers listeners not only a great tune but also a fun song that goes a tad bit deeper than the title suggests.

Bradford, a native of Mississippi, breaks the mold of what many people would consider a "traditional musician." While he did share a love of music with his family and friends he also was a three sport athlete who earned a championship ring as a bullpen catcher with the Memphis Redbirds AAA team. 

“I did that from 2007-2009," Bradford said about his catching. "I even got a ring when they won the Pacific Coast League Championship the last summer I worked there.”

Not Your Typical Guitar Player and Songwriter
Ben's brother showed him a few chords on the guitar and Ben picked the instrument up along with his studies in biology and chemistry. One summer Ben spent his time in Brazil while doing research on jaguars and wolves. Not your typical young man centered solely on being a musician. Ben's brother eventually headed off to college eventually becoming a radiologist and Ben hit the books as well as hit favorite sports.

However, over the years Ben spent more and more time playing music and writing. In fact, the writing came first as Ben began to jot down poems and lyrics before ever picking up the guitar in a seriousfashion. While growing up his house was filled with the sounds of music his brother and father loved which ranged from classic rock to country. You can hear those influences in Ben's music today.

The Texaco Country Showdown
Bradford entered the Texaco Country Showdown competition on a whim. Ben was chosen as a Top 10 Finalist in his region, and won it, traveling to the State competition and placing second overall. A local radio station recognized his talent and called on him to open one of their shows for Colt Ford, and soon he was on his way to Nashville to pursue his dream full force. Since then, he’s had the chance to open for acts like Chris Young, Colt, and Grace Potter, and is currently writing with some of Nashville’s best writers.

Bradford is a growing voice in country music and the Nashville songwriting scene. His new single, Tequila Makes the World go Round, offers listeners a fun song from a musician who has talent in the world of music.., and he could probably still throw you out at second base. What's not to like?

Catch up on Ben, his tour dates and music news with the contact info below!

Twitter: @BenBradMusic


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