Are you ready to go tropical with Dani Hoy? Musician and Trop Rocker Dani Hoy has launched a kickstarter campaign for her newest EP titled The End of a Long Road. According to Hoy the effort is to fund the cost of production and studio time as well as hiring professional studio musicians - some from the Music City!

"We are using studio musicians," Hoy said. "Some of whom are from Nashville and have recorded tracks for well-known artists such as Miranda Lambert, Hunter Hayes, Jimmy Buffett and more. Some of these musicians were on my previous projects, TropiGal and Songs of Love & the Ocean."

According to Hoy the new EP will have 5 songs that her and producer, Kevin Johnston, have hand picked together. In fact, some pr-production has already begun.

"I think the songs we've selected are perfect for this EP," Hoy said. " It's all coming together well on the creative side. Now it's time for the funding side! Kevin has already started working on getting me the scratch music tracks and we are working on the process of getting things together."

Hoy has overcome a wide variety of hurdles over the years during her music career. The musician experienced several personal challenges which sparked an inner look - the result was a move from the snowy north to living 90 miles away from Cuba! The result is her newest project.

"Yea, It's been a bit tough over the years. I've grown, and learned alot about myself," Hoy said with a slight laugh. "However, not everything boils down to self-reflection. Blowing out my knee and having it replaced really put a halt to my creative process and took a huge chunk out of the 'ole bank account!"

The End of A Long Road EP is the third major release from Hoy following her breakout efforts of TropiGal and Songs of Love and the Ocean. The kickstarter campaign aims to raise just over $7000 dollars and each donor level has a few gifts to contributors ranging from one song to autographed copies and more. Hoy says she's thankful for all of the support over the years from her fans for her past work which includes working regular gigs around the Keys, the state, and the region.

"Every donation is appreciated! I've set levels from one buck to more - each donation gets a gift and my heartfelt thanks!"

You can check out the campaign AT KICKSTARTER HERE.

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