Are you looking for a tasty rib recipe for the grill that does not require too much thought or energy? But, do you want that recipe and cooking method to produce ribs that are tender and juicy and not tough as many "grilled" ribs tend to be? Then we can help. And yes, we know this is a recipe that crosses from Beach and seafood cooking to backyards across the globe. We love seafood, but hey.... it's ribs! Check out the quick video below - Read more!

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Let's face it - somewhere, sometime, somebody decided to pick a snail off a garden wall and eat it. The same can be said for Rocky Mountain Oysters! I'm guessing a bet may have been involved. "Hey Billy! Bet ya five bucks you won't eat those testicles!" You can imagine Billy thinking it over before asking. "Can I fry them or saute them in some butter and lemon?"

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Are You Ready To Man Up With your Bottle Opener?

If so then it's time for you to grab The Bottle Wrench Tool! Alright, let’s talk cool man presents! You know what I’m talking about - the kind that when you’re standing around the grill and your buddies say “Hey, where the heck did you get that?” The Bottle Wrench Tool is one of those gift items and it’s made in the USA. The Bottle Wrench is the manliest bottle opener ever invented. Each Bottle Wrench is hand formed in Savannah, GA from a real, 100% metal wrench. “Our motto is that it’s a wrench first and a bottle opener second,” Jake said. Each one comes with a U.S. military grade 550-paracord strap for hanging the Wrench on display with many colors to choose from.

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