Surfing in Arizona? Yep! Hey all you old timers, don't you remember the hours on end day dreaming about catching the big wave, feeling the salt air, and feeling the sun against your skin? Well, a couple fo beach loving young ladies in Arizona, with a love of surfing, took advantage of recent flooding caused by rain trailing off the end of a tropical storm that cruised across the region.

Taylor, Carli, and Megan, of Arizona, took their boards and camera to the flooded areas of their neighborhood to paddle some of the water. Granted, there were no huge waves for them to launch into... but it's obvious that these young ladies love surfing! Taylor and Carli did some surfing while Megan put her photography skills to work.

"We just had fun," the three said. "How often do you get to surf in Arizona?"

The pictures show the two taking advantage of some of the collected rain water for a classic surfing sunset picture and the walk back to the shore across the sand... well, in this case, the sidewalk! How fun is this! Everyone at Radio hopes to see these young ladies on the pro-tour soon!

Images: by Megg

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