Eufaula, AL, December 1, 2015 – The old adage goes that big baits catch big fish, but what about colossal baits? That’s what the new Monster Reel N’ Shad™, the latest in the Reel’N Shad series from Mann’s Bait Company is here to show anglers. The Monster Reel N’ Shad™ is available in both fresh and salt water versions and will be available in tackle stores in January 2016.

Monster Reel’N Shad from Mann’s is the gigantic cousin to the already popular Reel’N Shad™ series, introduced in 2015. This version is over 9” of pulsating, swimming action. The patent pending slot design is what makes this lure so unique. No other soft plastic on the market contains this special feature. The slot allows water to move through the bait creating a realistic baitfish swimming motion that predator fish can’t resist.

The design eliminates the need for a paddletail, or extra hardware to make the lure swim... just throw it out and reel it in, the lure does all the work. Monster Reel’N Shad comes in a freshwater and saltwater series, and anglers are going to get two baits with one (1) special jighead in the pack. The freshwater jighead has an extra wide gap hook that allows for weedless rigging and the saltwater setup contains a salt-grade, high-strength hook with a no-slip jighead feature

There are four color versions for each setup.

  • Freshwater, Pearl Shimmer, Blue Glimmer, Watermelon/Red Flake and Gold Shiner.
  • Saltwater Pink Pearl, Black/Purple Flake, Silver Bone, and Chartreuse/ Silver Flake.

To see the Monster Reel’N Shad™ in action please follow this link, and feel free to publish or share this video on your site, or social media platform.

Mann’s Bait Company, a leading manufacturer of all types of artificial lures, produces the industry’s most widely recognizable brands for fresh and saltwater fishing markets. All of our lures are manufactured right here in America, and distributed nationally, as well as in over 50 countries around the world.
Mann’s Bait Company – Made in America, Fished around the World!

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