Cat Head What? I've been asked several times over the years about the term "Cat Head Biscuit." What does it mean, where does it come from, and how do you make a "Cat Head Biscuit?" I'm pretty sure that no cat heads were ever used in the recipe. I can say this with absolutely no authority - I'm pretty sure that the name simply refers to "BIG OLE" biscuits that are the size of a "Cat's Head!" That's unless you have a really big cat with a fat or skinny noggin!

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GULF SHORES AND ORANGE BEACH, ALA. – Eight coastal Alabama bartenders competed for the title of 2014 Gulf Coast Bartender of the Year on Wednesday, Sept. 24 at LuLu’s Gulf Shores in a regional qualifier for the state competition.

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According to the Deck Chef Broiled Scallops Win Big in a recent survey!

The question was bout diet foods and recipes. What did readers pick as a tasty favorite addition to their diet menu? The BIG winner was a recipe from the Mayo Clinic for Broiled Scallops.

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A Sucker for a Crab Cake
My wife Ally will tell you that I'm a sucker for a crab cake. I'm also a sucker for quick and easy recipes. I have no idea where the crab cake addiction came from. When the urge for a crab cake hits me I have to have a crab cake right then or in the next hour, or day or two. Here's a recipe for easy crab cakes that you can tweak to your own taste buds!

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Are you looking for a tasty rib recipe for the grill that does not require too much thought or energy? But, do you want that recipe and cooking method to produce ribs that are tender and juicy and not tough as many "grilled" ribs tend to be? Then we can help. And yes, we know this is a recipe that crosses from Beach and seafood cooking to backyards across the globe. We love seafood, but hey.... it's ribs! Check out the quick video below - Read more!

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