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Eufaula, AL, December 1, 2015 – The old adage goes that big baits catch big fish, but what about colossal baits? That’s what the new Monster Reel N’ Shad™, the latest in the Reel’N Shad series from Mann’s Bait Company is here to show anglers. The Monster Reel N’ Shad™ is available in both fresh and salt water versions and will be available in tackle stores in January 2016.


Alana Nichols is the first American woman to win Gold in the Winter and Summer Olympics. From wheelchair basketball to alpine skiing, Alana is now going to represent her country on the highest stage for the sport of Adaptive Surfing at the 2015 ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship presented by Challenged Athletes Foundation, Hurley, Stance and the City of San Diego.


As always, we are proud to feature Made in the USA products!

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Students from Gap Creek Elementary to help with this conservation effort!

What: Biologists from the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute (TNACI), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) will release 1,000 lake sturgeon on Thursday, October 8. This reintroduction will take place near Knoxville at the Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge. This location on the French Broad River has been identified as favorable habitat for this species, Acipenser fulvescens,  which is listed as endangered within Tennessee’s waters.

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According to Cary Williams it's time to grab hold of the theme "Too Pretty!" And the crew agrees! First -Cary Williams is a former world-class boxer, Olympic level trainer, philanthropist, cover model, writer, fitness expert, speaker and business owner based in Santa Monica California. Secondly, her new adventure, Too Pretty Brand, fights against the mixed messages about what girls should and should not do via a line of clothing geared towards empowerment with style!

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By Kent Whitaker

The world has changed over the course of a generation or less. Back in the day,  back in the 1980's for me, we loaded up our skin with oils and lotions that were almost akin to cooking oil. We would proudly bake our skin to a near burnt toast tan.

According to James H. Beckett, MD the time has come for everyone that enjoys time in the surf to take a little extra care when it comes to skin protection. Dr. Beckett, in a recent article on, says that his perspective comes from not only being a surfer but also from being a dad.

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