For some reason the trop rock world is flip flop deep with men as singers, musicians, and song writers. I guess we can both thank- and blame - Jimmy for this. Heck, every Trop Rock singer wants to be on the stage with the man. But, I'm here to remind music lovers that there are many, many lady Trop Rockers out there. What type of website would this be if we didn't offer up a list of sexy lady Trop Rockers! Keep in mind, this list is in no way complete as we were limited to only a few selections for the article. And, there will be a list of sexy male Trop Rockers posted as well.

Naia Kete

Naia Kete is an amazing voice and has a musical style that blends her love of rythmn and vocals with music that always makes you want to move. Her sound has soul, Regae, Trop Rock and more! She's based on the West Coast and backed by a very talanted group of musicians. Check out her music and website HERE.

Dani Hoy

It's a simple fact that Dani Hoy rocks, and she Trop Rocks! If you are a fan of Trop Rock music and have been near any of the music venues around the keys, Florida coast, or South then chances are you've seen, or heard, some of Hoy's work. The musician, song writer, and performer offers listeners a fantastic voice combined with the ability to tell a story with music. Check out Dani and her music HERE.

Nadirah Shakoor

Nadirah Shakoor rocks! Not only is she one of the great singers that Jimmy Buffett rely's on to make the music that we all love she's also got an amazing voice and has an incredible musical background to boot. Check out Nadirah Shakoor and her music HERE.

Tina Gullickson

Tina Gullickson has a background in music and show busines that many people would not realize when they see her on stage with Jimmy Buffett as one of the singers on his tours. Tina has been singing, working, and producing projects since she was a teen ager. The Californian has a long list of projects that sets her apart from being just a great voice. Check out Tina's site and more about her ongoing projects HERE.

Cindy Walsh

Cindy Walsh not only has a fantastic voice and fun style of Trop Rock music she also rocks sunset photos, always has a smile and is a veteran of the United States Military! Now that's a Trop Rocker with talent and purpose. Cindy is an amazing person and you can check out her music, shows and more by clicking HERE.

Melissa Bel

Ok, we admit it that Melissa Bel may not fit neatly into the Trop Rock categor. But, she is a favorite of Tiki Beach Radio listeners and a favorite of all of the DJ's and people that help around this place. Did we mention that this young lady has a set of pipes that would make Sinatra, Nelson, Cash, and Buffet all take notice? Not to mention that she has already created a nice following with her sound. Check out Melissa Bel HERE.

A BONUS! Deni Bonet!

Deni Bonet not only rocks but she also does it with classical style! Bonet combines her love of classical music with her love of... music. It's really that simple. Music, voice, violin, and the ability to capture an audience. A radio fan favorite! Check out Deni Bonet HERE.

Images: Photos and links courtesy of the musicians, social media sites and or their PR reps.


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