It’s true! Some beginner or weekend anglers out there hate the idea of catching a catfish because that means you have to remove the hook. If you’ve ever been “stuck” or “barbed” or “poked” or “finned” by a catfish you know that there can be a slight amount of blood involved. Those days are over thanks to the Fish Gripper!

Now you can pick a fish up and remove the hook, weigh it, or simply pose for a quick picture before returning your catch to the water unharmed. All you need is the Fish Grip which is lightweight tool that looks like a vice grip pair of pliers. Check out the gallery at the bottom of the article for some great pics.

Finding a Tackle Box Must Have!
I came upon the Fish Gripper website while researching some seafood and fish recipes for one of my upcoming books. Yes, I have a recipe for barbecued catfish. Apparently fishermen have been looking for a better way to hold a fish, not only catfish, for years. According to Tucker Hoge of The Fish Grip Company the product was developed over twelve years. It seems that removing the hook from a catfish is only one of many uses for the Fish Grip.

“Mr. Don Norton, is the man who invented the product,” Hoge said. “He was an avid redfish angler, and was trying to find a way to hold the fish better so he could control them. He got the idea of making a tool that ‘locks’ like a vice grip by putting rubber ends on a vice grip and trying it.”

Hoge sent me a couple of Fish Grips to try and I have to admit that this is one item that will have a permanent home in my tackle box. As soon as I hooked a medium size catfish I reel it in, reached down with the Fish Grip, lifted the fish out of the water and safely removed the hook. Oh, and I took a picture.

Why it's Pretty Darned Cool!
The Fish Grip is inexpensive, light weight, and it floats! The tool is made of plastic and stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion from fresh or saltwater. It also has a strap for keeping it on your wrist or for hanging in an easy to get to place on your boat or on the dock.

The Fish Grip allowed me to safely remove the hook and handle the fish without injuring the fish or my hand. It also provides a way for people to hold their catch for weighing without using a metal holder. Both the fisherman and the fish are protected. Now the Fish Grip is available in two sizes and assorted colors ranging from Red and Blue to Hot Pink!

You never know what you’re going to find when you’re researching recipes for a cookbook.

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Images: the Author & Fish Grip

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